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芯出し式レンズホルダCマウントF ・ CMH−F 人気

芯出し式レンズホルダー Cマウント F型 【 雌ネジ形状 】
価格: JP¥28,000.-【C MountHolder C-F type】


◇This holder connects a C mount, and a turning up the wick adjustment of optic- axis is possible.
◇A C-mount can choose the connection type of the male screw (C-M) and the female screw (C - F).
◇They're able to connect and use 2 kinds of this holder.
『PDF Key』
◇ An adjustment is a minute style screw of the 0.25mm pitch, and fixing is possible by a locknut after a performed adjustment.
◇ There isn't a control in an adjustment screw.  It's adjusted by a general L-type wrench.
◇ After an adjustment has completed a holder case, fixing is possible by the clamp screw which is in front of the body<2 point>.
◇ Using M6 screw hole where the holder body is a side, it's possible to fix. They're also able to connect a pole again.
◇ The hole where connection is connected can also use a holder to fix the body on a wall of a structure directly.
◇ It's to arrange for the fixing direction of two combinations of a holder and substances and is also effective in building to equipment.
◇ The change correspondence with a pole and with an adjustment control, etc. is also possible, so please inquire.