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It is the history of Tsukumo Engineering , Inc

December 22, 1986Tsukumo Engineering , Inc established
July 1986Capital increased to 10 million yen
January 1990Capital increased to 20 million yen
March 1991Manufacture and sales of precision positioning unit for laser optical equipment
May 1997Head office factory New building completed
June 1999Capital increased to 25 million yen
September 2000Material · R & D building newly established
August 2002Distribution of general catalog (for mail order) creation
May 2003Sayama Incubation Research Building entry committee research project started
March 2008Hidaka factory operation started
October 2008Comprehensive Catalog No. 4 Revised Issue
September 2012Hidaka factory closed
September 2012New factory newly established Hidaka factory relocation of manufacturing business
February 2013Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Approved Projects New Collaboration Grant
August 2013Adoption of Heisei 24 Monozukuri subsidies
February 2014Nano roughness / height shape measuring instrument No. 1 instrument completed
November 2016From Sayama Incubation Research Building to Second Plant Relocation of Instrument Research Project
February 2017Nanometer instrument nanotech2017 exhibition nanotech award winning new award