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Mechanical system

Measurement unit Nano roughness height measuring instrument TN-A1
Holder Mirror · lens · prism · filter · fiber · laser · polarizer · pinhole · objective lens · sample etc.
Stage Linear motion XYZ · rotation θ · tilt αβ · gonio αβ and various combination multi-axis stage · coarse / fine movement · manual · automatic etc.
Base Bench & carrier · micro rail · pole stand · bread board · magnet base · pole stand · pole · clamp · spacer · bracket · adapter · threading · fine tuning screw etc.
Laboratory jack Precision laboratory jacks – from ultra small to large type.
Optics Round aluminum mirror · rectangular aluminum mirror · right angle prism · glass scale etc.

New product · Others

New Product Stage · holder · for position fixing · posture angle adjustment etc.
Other Custom made example · Adjustment mechanism Mechanical unit · Single part · Option parts · Repair overhaul · Modified maintenance · Related products etc.


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