Commitment to manufacturing and technology

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Commitment to manufacturing and technology

Sticking as manufacturing industry

To provide better products more quickly。 The metal material has various shapes such as plates, blocks, rods. We will add functionality to these with processing machines and skilled skills and bring life into them. Since we began manufacturing and selling optical systems precision instruments for more than 30 years, we have been looking for the best way everyday and are engaged in production activities. That this finished product arrives at customer’s hand, and satisfying product. It is the final goal. Keep the quality of each mass-produced product constant. Products to be manufactured at customer’s request must satisfy the required specifications. In order to embody all of these, we take full advantage of integrated production from development, design, production and sales, and we are taking a production system that is flexible. “I am in a hurry, but will it take time?” Is there any place I can ask for somewhere? “We are sincerely working on manufacturing in order to be the first company to remember in such a scene. Not so much as to cope with environmental regulations, but nowadays it has become commonplace, materials for non-compliant materials remain in the factory. It is obvious. Transform it into tool tool for in-house processing machine and use it. It is always trying without waste.

Sticking as technology

To establish and establish effective function at any time with a positive thought. I want to move (rotate) this distance (angle). The direction you want to point upwards and downwards, leftwards and righters, or inclination is various I want to hold an optical element with a large washbow position and to have a posture adjustment function. Conversely, the space that can be used is small and narrow. A vague image and a wide variety of needs starting from a limited space will be considered for remodeling and special order production. Tsukumo engineering has know-how to embody these needs. Design ideas / production examples accumulated through long-term manufacturing review will be taken out from the drawers of each in-house department. Add toppings and essences called ideas to the materials called customer needs, and make use of the production technology arranged in the best way to complete the product. We will provide timely services of value that exceed customer expectations and respond to satisfaction. We are working on this idea day by day. We will introduce manufacturer’s launch products to the market. On the contrary, we also produce products that incorporate the idea of products we made at customer request. In this repetition every day, we will accumulate manufacturing techniques and know-how, refine skills and skills, we will continue to develop products that satisfy that we were good. Even if it is said to be a maker ‘s handmade sending out, I would like to release a new work.