Company policy

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Company policy

Based on the theme “Customer’s Product”, we have created a creative system from the design development stage to the manufacturing stage, and we are working on making small turning as a pioneer of special products.

To meet customer's needs

Based on know-how accumulated over many years of development technology and processing technology, each employee is facing products and challenging unknown technologies. We are striving to create core technologies with the aim of improving the brand power even more and seeing the development of only one product.

To the community · · ·

Every year, we accept local high school students by internship. As of October 2017, the period has been 20 years and 23 people have been successful. Also, at that industrial high school, we send a message from our company, etc. every opportunity, such as having a business trip delivering lecture. We actively support and participate in local events, including the Chamber of Commerce and the local people.

With employees

Tsukumo Engineering is engaged in business seeking a comfortable working environment in order to obtain happiness of both minds of all employees. We are striving to develop human resources and improve the environment for that purpose.